Say Hello to David Belles, Music Specialist at Bullis Charter School, Los Altos


SVT: Is there something that or a favorite teacher who inspired you to become a teacher?

DB: I went on tour with my college choir to the Napa Valley area; we went to one school where both the director and the students were so excited about the music – you could feel it! I knew that day that I wanted a chance to have a choir of my own and to do the same things with them.

SVT: What do you like most about being a teacher?
DB: I like being able to develop relationships with each individual student and to watch them all develop their musical skills more and more strongly each year.

SVT: How do you like to establish rapport with your students?

DB: I have high expectations both for myself and for them; I commit to providing them with a high quality of music education, and they commit to always giving one hundred percent in rehearsal. Once this has been established, we are all excited at the music that begins to start happening, and we all, students and teacher, enjoy the results together.

SVT: Is it a special joy you see in the growth and motivation throughout the year of your students?

DB: Seeing my students excited for rehearsal morning after morning without fail is what keeps me going throughout the entire year. I feed off that enthusiasm and get excited myself!

SVT: What do you see as the role of the teacher in the classroom and learning process?

DB: My role is always to prepare students for the next level; at the end of each year, I want my singers to be as strong of musicians as they are capable of being, so that, whether they are at my school next year or whether they move on, they will be able to function capably and to contribute positively at any choir program that they participate in.

About David Belles

David Belles has always loved music. Brought up on American musical theatre and Gilbert and Sullivan, his musical tastes have branched out to include all genres, from classical to jazz, from rock to world music.

Entering college as a piano performance major, David became involved early on in vocal music as well. He sang in choir for almost his entire college experience, and it is here that he developed his passion for ensemble music. During college, he was involved in such music performance activities as opera workshop, musical theater ensemble, jazz band, string orchestra (on harpsichord), piano ensemble, and piano accompaniment, along with the annual non-serious PDQ Bach concerts at CSUEB. He graduated summa cum laude in 2008 with a Bachelors Degree in Piano Performance, and received his teaching credential in music the following year.

David’s professional experience is also quite varied; in the past, he has directed summer youth music programs for both choir and musical theater, and now he regularly freelances as an accompanist and as a private vocal and piano instructor. David is currently entering his fourth year as the music specialist at BCS.
At CSUEB, David received the Dr. David Stein Award for Choral Excellence in 2008, the year that he was appointed the assistant conductor for the East Bay Singers. Under his direction, the BCS Choirs have received back-to-back Unanimous Superior rankings at CMEA Choral Festivals, and, last year, the BCS String Quartet received a Superior ranking at a CMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival.

David is excited to again work with the fabulous BCS community!

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