I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and talking with Eric Lynch, the owner of Wallbeds “n” More.  So informative and such a great find. Saving space – such an important and invaluable concept. A tour of their showroom is well worth the visit.  All the wallbeds are innovative and beautiful … also quality and practical.  It’s such a great idea for one’s home. It will be a happy surprise for all those who visit.  

SVT: What is Wallbeds ‘n” More?

Wallbeds “n” More: We specialize in beautiful and comfortable wallbeds. We offer a great selection and without the overhead expense. Most furniture stores do not carry wallbeds – certainly not with the wide variety that we do. Ten years ago, we looked and looked for wallbeds and could not find any – so we created a showroom to be near you and offer all you could ask for. It is definitely recommended that you personally visit a showroom. It’s more than a catalogue, website or pictures. Here you will be able to experience for yourself the many different designs … and observe the excellent quality … and be able to enjoy choosing your personal favorite.

SVT: What’s so special about Wallbeds “n” More? What sets you apart?

Wallbeds “n” More: Saving space. Simply put, we magically create for everyone an extra room that you do not have and wish you did. Many of our customers may have just downsized … or have children coming home from college … or out of town guests coming to visit, like family and friends, or perhaps young couples with a baby, or maybe someone in a studio. The wish list is there – and this is truly a great solution for everyone. A whole new bigger room by day … that easily transforms into a beautiful and comfortable bedroom by night. What’s so important, too, is that the mattress is a real mattress; it’s always there for a good night’s sleep. It’s not a futon, rollaway or air mattress.

SVT: What do your customers, and you, love most about what you offer?

Wallbeds “n” More: What’s so wonderful is the look on people’s faces once they find us. What all our customers say all the time: “We are so happy!” “We had no idea that these would be this nice!” “We are so glad we found you!”. It’s such a great find, a real discovery. They never really knew this existed, not like this. And now it adds to their home a whole new dimension that they are so very happy with and grateful for. As someone said, “it’s one of the greatest inventions”. Indeed, it truly is.

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