Meet Chris Trapani, Founder & CEO of the Sereno Group

Trapani_Chris_10 SVT: Do you set aside specific times to cast vision to your employees and other leaders?

CT: We typically hold one major Sereno Session each year to engage openly with our people about the state of the company and our vision for the future and allow time for a Q&A. We also bring in a motivational or educational speaker and this year we were fortunate to secure Guy Kawasaki. We hold several MasterMind group meetings with our people during the course of the year, covering an inspiring or pertinent book that furthers the evolution of our company culture and soul. Finally, this past year we joined our leadership team in an all day offsite program to discuss and refine our core values which is part of an ongoing series and process.

SVT: Will the elements that drove market prices in 2013 be with us in 2014?

CT: Despite the seasonal market mellowing we experienced. over the summer following a most competitive first half of 2013, the forthcoming new year is shaping up to look remarkably similar. Headlines for the first half of. 2013 focused on the. historically sparse supply of homes and increasing competition among buyers. This led to swift and dramatic appreciation throughout. our market area. Forecasters. could have never predicted. how rapidly this market would snap back in terms of valuations with most areas reaching or surpassing former peak prices. The Silicon Valley inventory of active listings heading into the close of this year is nearly 20% lower than the same period of 2012. Equity markets have also risen to an all-time record high for the Dow and 13 year high for the Nasdaq. As we head into 2014, this even lower supply will be met with continued pent-up demand, normalization of new housing formation and investors both locally and globally. The combination of these forces will most certainly result in modest to significant appreciation over the first half of 2014.

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