Meet Kimberly Tucker, President of All Reasons Moving & Storage

kimberly_tuckerSVT: What are some of the challenges a women business owner may face and how best to be prepared?

KT: Some people assume because you are a women business owner the challenges are different. Stop thinking of it as being a man vs. women thing and be the best you can be in your industry no matter who you are or what industry you are in. Know your stuff and be the expert.

SVT: What have you learned and what advice would you give to women aspiring to own their own business?

KT: Know your business and charge what you are worth. Don’t under sell yourself, if you know your stuff then charge what you are worth. So many women are afraid to charge what they are worth or they give deals and discounts, value what you do and charge for it.

SVT: What have you learned from juggling of work, family and personal, or work/life balance in general, that would be helpful for others?

KT: You can’t run a successful business part-time. If you want to succeed you have to give 150% to your business especially in the beginning. So many people think when they are first starting their business that they are entitled to time off. While I think that needs to be a goal and eventually you can find balance don’t expect it in the beginning. When you first open a business it’s like having a baby, in the beginning there is no time for anything other than your baby but as time passes and the baby grows you can have more time for yourself. There was a time when I worked 6-7 days a week, now I work 5 days long hours but I have weekends to myself (for the most part) and I take vacations. You can find the balance but don’t expect it to be like that in the beginning. Many people fail because they think they “deserve” to have a two-week vacation every year but they have no one to run their business while they are gone. Pay your dues and put in your time and it will pay off eventually. If you want regular hours and time off stay working for someone else being an entrepreneur may not be for you.

SVT: What advice can you give for others where technology can help (or the lacking of it can hinder) in your business and your industry?

KT: Invest in technology. Whatever that means for your industry. Automate as much as you can. Create a great web site. Don’t have time to Blog? Hire someone! Don’t understand SEO find someone to do it for you. Use social media as much as you can. The more visible you can be the better for your business. What will help you sell yourself and your business? What will make things go smoother and easier? Invest in your business, invest in technology.

SVT: What business owners (men or women) in your industry have inspired you and why?

KT: I work in a very male dominated field and I can’t think of anyone in my industry that has inspired me. However, I have been inspired by a number of men and women from all types of different industries over the years. If you are a true business man/woman you can run any type of business no matter what it is and you can learn from watching and listening to other successful people. I was told long ago if you want to be successful surround yourself with successful people.

About Kimberly Tucker

Wife and mother of two wonderful kids and four grandchildren, Kim loves spending time with her family. This year marks her 22nd year in business – “I love what I do and the people on our team”. Their certification as a California ProMover separates them from other companies as an industry leader. All Reasons Moving & Storage has also won several prestigious awards including being named one of the Top 50 Women in Business multiple years, and 2007 Enterprising Women of the Year. Kim is also proud to be serving as a member of the Board of Directors for the Better Business Bureau. | Tel: (408) 240-0244

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