Tana Marie - PhotoSVT: Where did you grow up, where did you go to school and what did you study?

TM: I grew up in Santa Clara and attended Buchser High School, West Valley College and San Jose State. I majored in Psychology and Interior Design.

SVT: How did you end up getting into the work that you do?

TM: I have always been fascinated with people. Curious about how they think, why they do the things they do. Even as a child, I was deeply moved by how much pain I saw in relationships. That’s why I wanted to study psychology … I am glad that I did. As it turned out, it was just the beginning.

SVT: What inspired you at an early age?

TM: One of my heroes was Richard Bach – reading his Jonathan Livingston Seagull, One, Bridge Across Forever. These moved me at that age, at that time and place in my life in such a way. What it did, it confirmed my belief that love is supposed to be magical and sacred and not to inflict pain.

While I was attending college, studying psychology, I was also enrolled in ministerial school. This time in my life was very special and it prepared me well for the decades and my life-work in serving others just ahead.

SVT: How did this path of higher education inspire you in such a way?

TM: Originally, I wanted to be a psychiatrist, but once in ministerial school, I loved the freedom it allowed to be able to counsel and teach the way best suited for my personality and the needs of my clients. My practice expanded and I am grateful for the work I have been so fortunate to do in helping others.

SVT: Your Radio Show soon had a life of its own and took off. How did that come about?

TM: It started with Bonnie Colleen in the 1970’s … in Santa Cruz … when she invited me to come on her show. It was a magical moment. I enjoyed it very much right from the start. It felt like I had found a calling that was mutually a wonderful thing. My world expanded in such a way that was so very nice – meeting many wonderful people on the air … people I got to know over the years over the air, but we never will have met. Yes, I enjoyed quite a following, and it became for me like an extended family. I am glad that I could help people who were looking for a friend, someone they could count on. There were times, I often was that.

SVT: This time, thanks to yet another new client, your career seemed to have taken off even more so. What happened next?

TM: Yes, I was so fortunate. It was at this time I was invited by KMEL in San Francisco and then also became a regular on K101 with my show: “For Lovers Only with Tana Marie”. It was wonderful. I loved it. My following grew and the relationship with the audience seemed very special, magical. I felt like this “work” was made for me and I was, in ways, made for it.

SVT: You ended up doing your popular radio show for 35 years … covering the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey and Arizona. You also guest appear on the radio in the US and Canada to this day. Now then, you also have written books. How has this been?

TM: Thank you for asking. This is a side of me that I enjoy very much, as well. The first book became: “The Isle of Fantasies: Secrets For Creating The Love of your Life” which I co-authored with my at the time fiance (and now husband of 18 years). It’s about creating and sustaining healthy, passionate love relationships.

The second book is: “The Guy Code” written for you women – teaching you how to understand the way men communicate.

SVT: Wait a minute. Aren’t you forgetting someone? How about “The Women Code” for us men?

TM: Sorry, Charlie, but there’s a good answer for that. I don’t know how good exactly it is, but it is … It’s because men were raised with the idea that they are supposed to already know all the answers – and they don’t “need” this. And if they do seek help or information, in any way, that that will appear that there is something “wrong” with them. One mustn’t be seen with that, it’s not cool. (Yes, see: ego).

SVT: What do you love most about what you do?

TM: I’m glad you asked. I love when I see the light come on in someone’s eyes. That means they got it! What is it? They get this special feeling that’s something beyond words … a touch of Love … I just know when that happens. And so do they. It makes a difference in their lives (in many ways). I have somehow positively impacted their lives. Their joy in and from this … it makes me happy, too.

SVT: OK, then, do you have an example to share with us?

TM: Yes, many. For example, there have been so many female clients who had given up on love. (Note: It is not just female clients who have felt or feel this way). By working with them, I was able to see them go from one end of the spectrum to the other, to where they believe in love again, be it for singles or couples. To me, this is well beyond gratifying. I feel this is such a gift … including the gift of love … and life. Pretty important (essential) in one’s life. It felt good. It was always such a high. For them, and because it was for them, it was for me, too.

SVT: Pretty cool. But I know there’s more.

TM: You’re right. There have been a good number of times when working with singles, they would soon believe in love once again and found the right one. That in itself is such a joy … and many then would ask me to marry them – as the ordained Minister that I am – which, to me, is always the greatest joy.

SVT: I must ask, have you been able to help men, men who have come to you, for themselves, for the sake of the relationship, as well?

TM: Absolutely! I am so glad that happens. It takes courage for them to appear and ask for help. It takes courage for anyone. The interesting thing is that men usually come in for other reasons like “career” or “investing”, etc … and then we can often get to what it is they really want … which is love and romance.

SVT: What other interests do you have?

TM: In addition to love and romance? I am an audiophile. I love music. Indeed, most music. I also love to travel. I would say of all, British Columbia is so beautiful and always one of my favorite places on the planet.

I love photography and I am an avid reader. I love most uplifting spiritual, heart-centered books. (And the nice thing, too, is that my husband, Robert, does, too. He truly is my soulmate).
I watch very little TV, but I will watch it for Oprah and Ellen. They use their power and God-given talent for good and bettering the planet, for which I am glad to see and hear, and wish to partake in when and where I can.

SVT: Who has inspired you most throughout your life?

TM: That’s easy. My mother. She is my greatest hero and inspiration. She was truly spiritual, way ahead of her time. And for that, I feel truly blessed and am forever grateful.

About Tana Marie

Tana Marie is an Intuitive Counselor, Romance Strategist, Wedding Diva, Ordained Minister, Host of “Love Talk” Radio Talk Show, Award-Winning Author and Screenwriter.

Practicing in the San Francisco, San Jose and Monterey Bay Areas for over 35 years, she has established a loyal international clientele throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Thousands of men and women, including Fortune 500 executives, Hollywood Celebrities, VIPs, and public figures, have looked to her for guidance to more effectively create love, prosperity, romance and the manifestation of their dreams.
A poised and savvy communicator, she is a popular radio talk show personality, hosting her own program, “Love Talk with Tana Marie” and as a frequent guest on dozens of stations throughout the US and Canada.

She has a lifelong mission: To inspire and enlighten the world by designing and presenting tools that empower others to create the life of their dreams.

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