Omar-HabbasSVT: What is the meaning behind where you work and what you do?

OH: While many people look to find meaning in their life, I am so fortunate to have found mine at an early age. I am working with Habbas & Associates, which is my law firm. We practice Personal Injury and Tort Law. This is my 28th year of practicing. We specialize in personal injury. That would involve everything … the whole gambit of personal injury. I am indeed grateful that I, and all the people in our firm, can make a significant positive difference for so many people who have experienced serious injury and loss. We, unfortunately, cannot reverse the fact that people were injured, but we can help them to live a life they rightfully deserve.

SVT: Do you have positive role models, heroes, who have inspired you?

OH: Yes, my first inspiration would be my older brother, Sam. He went undergrad to Stanford University and then Law School at Boston College. He is a very successful International Business and Corporate Attorney, also has his own firm and travels the world for his clientele.

I went undergrad to the University of the Pacific, thinking I would become an Orthodontist. I found my calling in another area, however, thanks to the inspiration of my brother. I changed to a major in History and a minor in Communications. Upon graduating, I went to Law School at Santa Clara University. We both felt it would be a great fit for me … and it was.

I found and ended up doing the work I love doing … and being able to help others, which is my greatest satisfaction. I am very grateful for Sam and, as always, we are indeed still very close.

SVT: If you could have a special fantasy dinner, and could invite anyone, who would you like to invite and what would you like to talk about?

OH: I would like to invite people with various areas of expertise and interests. Mohammed Ali would be one. I admire him for his living his life for principles he believed in. He would take a stand, stick to it and pay the price. He gave 100% in his profession and in every arena.

I would also want to sit down with Nelson Mandela. Who was more inspirational, who has sacrificed more for human rights and dignity and honor? Tragedies? Indeed, he suffered among the worst; and, yet, he came back as President, restoring the people’s rights and freedoms. I think it’s really incredible.

In a way, that says something about me. I admire the dedication, the people, who stand up for others and champion meaningful causes for a better world – which includes the rights of life, dignity and honor.

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