Regional Governance: How can Silicon Valley Do Better?


Silicon Valley residents have long been aware of issues that cut across the entire region – economic competitiveness and job growth, competition between cities for tax revenues, loss of open space, congestion and pollution.

Looking forward we face such equally complex regional challenges as sea level rise, the impact of climate change on drinking water supply, funding Caltrain, maintaining three international airports, building sufficient housing for our region’s workforce and constructing a high-speed rail line
that connects the Bay Area with Southern California. While many of the Bay Area’s 100-plus local cities and nine counties are responding to these important issues, they are not capable of solving them alone.

That’s where Joint Venture Silicon Valley comes in. We convene our region’s leaders across business, government, academia, workforce and community organizations to tackle our biggest challenges and seize our opportunities.

On February 8, 2013, Joint Venture will hold its annual “town hall” meeting – the State of the Valley. The conference and the accompanying Silicon Valley Index, a comprehensive yearly study that measures the overall economic health of our region, will focus on the question: “What opportunities are we losing by not having a stronger governance framework for responding to issues regionally?”

The day-long summit at Parkside Hall in downtown San Jose will zero in on three major regional issues: transportation, development patterns and climate change. Keynote speakers include James Fallows, the longtime national correspondent for The Atlantic and renowned commentator on global competitiveness, and tech futurist Paul Saffo, renowned for his views on the dynamics of large-scale, long-term change.

Everyone is welcome to attend State of the Valley. There is more information and registration is available in the Events section of our website at

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