Say Hello to Kristin Matsis, 2nd Grade Teacher at Bullis Charter School, Los Altos


SVT: What do you like most about being a teacher?

KM: I enjoy spending my time with students and working with them during the day. I enjoy seeing the impact that I’ve made for the students when I see their progress or when they overcome a challenge or accomplish a goal. I feel a sense of pride, and I like feeling like my time matters.

SVT: Is it a special joy you see in the growth and motivation throughout the year of your students?

KM: It is a special joy to see the growth of your students because you as their teacher have become emotional and mentally invested in the student’s lives. Your work and hope as an educator is to make a difference for students. It is a joy to see the fruits of your labor manifested in your students.

SVT: How are creativity and innovative thinking used on a daily basis in your classroom?

KM: I encourage my students to be creative in their thinking as well as their action in the classroom. We engage in design thinking activities that engage their empathy.

SVT: What can parents do to support literacy in their home for your students?

KM: Parents can provide independent reading books at student’s level and provide opportunities for sustained reading time. At home, students should spend at least twenty minutes each day reading, with some of that time spent reading aloud with a parent. Parents will enhance reading comprehension by asking questions and allowing students to justify their answers based on evidence, as well as ask for insightful opinions.

SVT:When away from school and homework of your own, what interests and hobbies do you enjoy?

KM: You can find me with my boys. It doesn’t matter if it’s the library; a museum, or sports practice, time with my children is priceless. My other hobbies include Zumba, reading, painting, and anything that allows her to express herself. I enjoy travel, having visited Greece and London, I definitely caught the travel bug.

About Jessica Morgan

Kristin was born and raised in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, where she has lived her whole life. She earned her B.A. in Elementary Education in 2007 and a Master’s Degree in School Administration from Touro University. Kristin taught third and second grades in one of the most high-needs/at-risk areas of the Las Vegas Valley, where her CLAD Multiple-Subjects teaching credential proved crucial in her work with Limited English Proficient students. Kristin worked with several of the extra-curricular academic programs offered at her school and even served as Co-Site Leader for the After School All-Stars program.

Kristin is very excited for her first year at BCS! She’s also looking forward to exploring all that the Bay Area has to offer her and her family. As the mother of two young boys, ages nine and five, Kristin intimately understands the significance of strong school-home and family-teacher relationships and their ties to the educational success of students. Students learn best when what they learn in school is reinforced and extended at home. Her educational philosophy focuses on creating lifelong learners. “Learning shouldn’t end because the bell rings.” As Kristin finds herself on a never-ending pursuit of knowledge, she aims to create the same love of learning in her students. While mastering content is important, she believes that the role of the teacher is beyond that; it is to help create thoughtful world citizens. She guides students to construct and demonstrate their knowledge through activities that require cooperation, critical thinking, and application of learned material in ways that make the content and projects meaningful to students.

In her spare time, you can find Kristin with her boys. It doesn’t matter if it’s the library, a museum, or sports practice; time with her children is priceless. Kristin’s other hobbies include Zumba, reading, painting, and anything that allows her to express herself. Kristin enjoys travel, most recently having visited Greece and will be heading to London this winter for her sister’s wedding. Kristin hopes that next year her bio will include many new hobbies and interests that reflect the diverse opportunities unique to the Bay Area.

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