Six Californias Op-Ed


I grew up in California when the state was number one in education, was the best place to do business, had the best infrastructure, and the best weather. That was 40 years ago. All we have now is the best weather.

K-12 schools have gone from 1st in the nation to 47th in the nation. As a place to do business we’ve gone from one of the top to literally the worst with a national rank of 50 out of 50 according to 24/7 Wall Street. Prisons have quadrupled in size and we have almost 20% of people living below the poverty line. Government has gone downhill and we are no longer getting the best services for our money. Something needs to change. We need to change the course we are on.

Because of this, I have proposed a plan called Six Californias. Six Californias is an initiative to create six new, smaller states with more local, representative and responsive governments. This effort is driven by the same desire and energy I have when I am working with entrepreneurs; the desire to fix problems, drive progress and ultimately, create a better future.


Currently, California government is out of touch with constituents. There are 38 million people in California, 12% of the entire population of the United States. Californians are only ¼ as well represented as the rest of the nation. We have had great people in office, but it is an impossible job. California has simply become ungovernable.

This is why we need Six Californias. We need an opportunity for people to be closer to their government. A chance to reclaim our democracy and have our voices heard. We need a much better platform from which all of the states can grow. We need a choice.

Californians will have a choice in November 2016. They will be able to vote to create six new states. States that better represent them. States that are more efficient and effective. States that they create.

California is a beautiful place to live. Let’s make it a great place to thrive.

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