The Art of Being Our Best Selves Every Day – A Conversation With Terri Norvell, CEO, Trust Yourself Now

Terri Head low-res11-12 SVT: Please tell us a little about yourself and how you got into business?

TN: My business career started in my grandmother’s general store in Risingsun, Ohio, when I was 11. Lovingly I could say I was bred into management and leadership. So it’s hardwired!

In 1996 that entrepreneurial spirit surfaced again. So I left my VP of marketing and training position in the corporate world to follow my passion. This was a huge shift after working with international Fortune 500 and a development firm here in the Bay Area. You know that pang of ‘Can I do it?’ that hits your stomach? I had to trust in myself a lot because at the time my twins were only 2 years old. It’s no doubt this really was a key to opening my ‘Trust Yourself Now’ business. The Bay Area was the ideal place to launch and now my speaking and training clients are all over the country. The airport truly is, ‘Going to the office’!

SVT: What’s your overall focus when working with companies?

TN: Overall, my focus is working with individuals and teams within organizations. My philosophy is that ‘who you are as a person is who shows up at work.’ So really my focus is assisting people to be their best selves every day. This includes: trusting one’s self, seeing with a fresh perspective, gaining the confidence to take risks, routinely speaking up, changing when necessary and ultimately achieving desired results.

It’s so rewarding to connect with client challenges and provide tools and solutions that are right on target. One of my highest compliments is, ‘Terri gets it!’

What I’ve noticed over the years is that there are some consistent patterns that hold people back at work and in life. These patterns keep people from trusting themselves, being accountable and ‘going for it.‘

Perhaps you’ve noticed these impediments, too? Self-doubt is a huge culprit. Having beliefs that don’t serve you or fear in taking action and a lack of self-respect are all really self-sabotaging. And yet there’s a way to see beyond whatever is holding someone back, whatever is stopping someone today….can be changed.

SVT: What do you mean by changed?

TN: Well, when people more greatly trust within themselves they develop greater confidence. Confidence is how self-trust shows up to others. Though I’m not talking about that arrogant confidence that looks ‘cocky’. You know what I mean?

You’ve seen self-trusting confidence. It’s when a person radiates confidence because they know who they are, what they are doing and what they want. There is a bit of magnetism they exude and we want to do business with them or be on their team.

We see it as having more authenticity in interactions, more accountability in meeting goals, more speaking up and sharing your point-of-view, more proactive action and risk taking….I could go on and on here!

Overall, when team members have high levels of self-trust the entire organization is on a new foundation of engagement. Stronger leadership, higher-margin sales, greater service delivery, more fun at work are a few outcomes.

This is truly a win to the 5th power – for the individual, team, organization, customers and shareholders. It’s so effective!

SVT: What’s an example of an impact you’ve had with someone?

TN: Let’s take Gene for example. He’s been an uber-successful sales guy for over 25 years in commercial and residential signage. Yet when the economy dipped he was buying into the fear mongering, blaming his boss and others for his greatly slipping sales. It was at a conference seminar of mine that he finally ‘got it’…really he finally GOT IT…that he is solely responsible for his results! He went back to South Carolina and made some changes in his beliefs, how he was thinking, and the actions he was taking – or not! And the results were staggering. Q4 sales were 50% greater than the previous 9 months….and the new year sales are already 5 months ahead of last year. Great progress by simply starting to trust in himself and taking proactive actions!

SVT: What can people expect from a Terri Norvell program?

TN: Overall, people can expect to experience a sense of FREEDOM….to shift their current status quo to whatever they choose to create in their lives! They can expect to learn how to trust in themselves to take whatever actions or risks that they see are necessary for success.

Whether we’re speaking about the ‘Motivational Accountability’ or the ‘Trust Yourself’’ program, all of my messages are relevant and applicable professionally as well as personally. This goes back to my ‘who you are’ philosophy.

High-impact FUN describes the breakthrough experiential program. It’s an actual breaking a 12” board with your hand exercise. It’s been called ‘the closest thing to a fire-walk in a conference room’. To say it’s empowering is an understatement. It literally gives proof that you can trust yourself!

SVT: What are some breakthrough examples?

TN: The results are always personal and carry over to professional impact. A few interesting examples include John gaining the courage to pack up his family and move across country for a plum position with a VP title at double his salary. Amanda still carries her broken board in her car as she goes on sales calls – ongoing proof that she can achieve whatever she focuses on. Joe had always wanted to invest in real estate rentals – within 90 days he had 3 properties under contract. Such powerful shifts they made in their lives!

My passion in life is assisting people to set themselves up for massive success…as they define it….to have the FREEDOM to achieve their desired results.

SVT: Any last ideas to share?

TN: Two thoughts come to mind. Participants routinely say, ‘You make me think’ and ‘You help me see things differently so that I think differently and get different results’. And isn’t that the key to getting different results? You must learn to think differently and trust within yourself!

Since motivation is an inside job, really what I do is inspire and assist people to reach deep inside themselves to unleash their inner motivation through greater self-trust. And, we always have fun doing it!

It’s important to know that great self-trust provides the motivation to be your best self every day. What I do is inspire people to unleash this inner motivation. With greater self-trust … people show up with proactive confidence, the workplace is transformed and the desired results are achieved. Love this combination!

About Terri Norvell

Terri Norvell is a breakthrough speaker and founder of Trust Yourself Now – a people development company. Prior to 1996 Terri was VP of Training & Marketing for a $1.2B Silicon Valley property management & development company; GM of a $9M temporary housing firm; President of the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce; Founding Board member for the Housing Industry Foundation and the Mountain View Performing Arts Center. Terri is co-author with Jack Canfield and Ken Blanchard of the highly-acclaimed book, The Masters of Success.

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