What Will We Do About Global Warming … and When?

Can you “see” accelerating change without study, science and effort?

Is it part of our survival kit, built in from birth? Seems not.

Two facts that matter. You are aging. Global warming is real, but the destinations defined in part by the speed of these trends may not be obvious without proper perspective, study and trained skills. They are mostly ignored without science, measurements and your willingness to study and accept reality.

If you are a healthy 50, it may seem that your health is robust and steady. But it rarely is. System breakdown is underway and is accelerating. Life has an expiration date. That change is hard to see without measurements, tools and directed attention. After 50,000 years, the human experiment, at about 1800 AD, reached a population of 1 billion people. In the next 212 years the population reached 7 Billion with only a slight increase in RATE of change. Hard to see in the early graph. Then came a “dramatic population spike” that was in the math and numbers all along.

Global warming rates and anthropogenic cause, were quite accurately calculated and published in a paper by Svante Arrhenius in 1895…and ignored. The facts were in. The cause was us. Back then coal was extracted and burned by 1000′s of tons. Now coal is removed from earth at 23 million tons/day. Plus oil at 12 million tons/day. Plus over 300 billion cubic feet of methane/day. And they are burned, except for too much of the methane which is lost to leakage. A worse condition. The chemistry is unchanged. Burned carbon fossils release CO2 into our atmosphere, trapping heat. The leaked, unburned methane is a nastier blanket gas.

Most of us know the facts, but will you give up junk food, cigarettes and over-indulgence for a longer, better life? Walk a bit more?

What will you do about global warming…and when?

Will your children and grandchildren be toasty warm…or toast?

Wake up. Learn more. Vote for survival. Buckle up for a rough ride.

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About The Author

Paul Wingate
is a partner at One Earth Ventures and a board member of the Sustainable Business Institute. In those roles and others he draws on his science and architecture background to apply whole systems thinking to glitches in the systems and the discussions in the now that are always connected to the rest of the universe, "flow" and time. He is seeking big answers to global problems and decay. Like Gandhi, he thinks civilization is a good idea and worth developing. He takes seriously the increasing fever of Earth and seeks global antipyretics and reversals to the reckless rush to rapture. To help prolong joy and stall the next great species extinction as the predicted consequences of "biz as usual" he is exploring and working to fund renewable energy, soil and eco-system healing, technologies and advances in cooperative business such as non-adversarial business agreements, and all accelerants and amplifiers of success for survival techniques such as BIMStorm, science and facing reality. He is excited to be here because the possibilities for the future are thrilling, the probabilities are disturbing, life is worth all efforts and there is no Planet B.