Top 10 Reasons To Shop at Local Stores

You may already shop locally because it is convenient, or perhaps you don’t shop locally at all. There are however, many excellent reasons why shopping at local stores is very benefi cial to you and the community in which you live. Here are the top ten reasons why you should do more local shopping:

Better Customer Experience
Are you tired of being served by a grumpy, miserable, or even downright rude checkout operator? If you shop locally you are more likely to be received with a smile and have a very pleasant customer experience. At your local shop you are not just a faceless money-carrier, you are a person. Building a friendly relationship with the local shop owner makes for a much more relaxed atmosphere and a nicer shopping experience allround. Rather than making your day worse, shopping at a local store might just brighten your day.

Helping to Maintain the Community
Local stores are owned and operated by local people. The very same people as yourselves who care about the neighbourhood they live in. Local businesses donate to local charities and causes and improve the surrounding area. Why? They care about the area in which they live, just like you. Support local stores and you are supporting your local community.

Local Economic Properity
Money you spend at local shops and businesses is money that is kept in your community, enriching it for all. When you spend at a superstore the profits are taken by the corporation, whereas when you spend locally your whole community indirectly benefits, since that money will be re-invested in your region

Unique Community Charactor
Nothing destroys a region’s character like the imposition of an all-purpose megastore store. Local communities are unique places that have their very own culture, history and individual quality. Local stores are a part of this rich history and culture, having usually been around for several decades serving as pillars of the community. By supporting these local businesses you are ensuring the maintenance of the tradition and character of your area. A traditional diner or grocer is part of a town’s identity, and you would do well to support them with your custom.

Unique Products and Quality Produce
When you shop at a local store, you get to buy unique, local products of a diverse range that you would not fi nd at a superstore. The stock has been carefully picked by the owner, rather than the dictates of market research and profi tability. Especially when it comes to fruit and vegetables, shopping locally is superior to supermarket shopping in every way. The produce is fresher and tastier than supermarket goods, often picked only a day or two beforehand. Fresh, organic, locallygrown food is also not only healthier for you, but it is also healthier for your community, as you are sustaining local agriculture.

Local Competition
Using local businesses encourages healthy competition. This ultimately brings you, the consumer, and a cheaper, wider range of goods. Multiple companies competing in individual markets is much better for everyone than one huge conglomerate selling a narrow range of every type of product.

More Local Jobs
Small local companies create a wide variety of local jobs which help sustain community economies. By shopping at local stores and using local businesses you are ultimately creating a supply of jobs in your local area, through increasing demand for goods and services.

Supporting Regional Agriculture
Through buying your fruit and vegetables from local outlets there are multiple positive effects. Aside from cheaper food bills and fresh produce, by supporting local farmers you are reinvesting money into your community and also helping the environment by reducing transport pollution.

Helping the Environment
In the world today everyone wants to do what they can to help conserve the environment and the planet’s natural resources. Shopping locally serves this cause in several ways. Major road congestion is reduced, as is general transport pollution. Buying goods from local stores also reduces fuel and energy consumption by bypassing the need to import from around the world. Local shops require little infrastructure, further decreasing our impact on the environment.

Local Decision Making
Important decisions made by local stores and businesses ought not be harmful to the community since the owners are part of the community too – they have a vested interest and are committed to the area’s future themselves. Decisions affecting the community are not made in corporate board rooms hundreds of miles away, they are made by fellow members of the community who appreciate their impact. Happy Shopping!


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