A Delicious Taste of Italy

The dream came to Joe Antuzzi II, the proprietor of il postale: to create a fun, festive and popular restaurant similar to what you would find in the Old World Italian fare - located in a historic downtown, close to the train station, where people would come from near and far, and feel right at home - enjoying such delicious Italian food and wine and in such a warm, friendly and comfortable setting.

So it came to be that in 1995, il postale Italian-American Bistro was born. il postale is Italian, meaning the Post Office. It is conveniently located in the heart of historic downtown Sunnyvale - yes, on Murphy Avenue -just across the street from the Sunnyvale train station.

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, il postale’s setting seems perfect, in an old world charm of its own. There, you will experience award-winning Italian-American food and at reasonable prices. The intent was not to reinvent the Italian culinary world, but to include already very popular old Italian family recipes an in an open-kitchen, very friendly ambiance, inside and also outdoors. Thus, it is a bistro, meaning it is meant to feel casual where people would feel comfortable whether wearing shorts or a suit and tie.

Laura Reiley of CitySearch wrote: “il postale is an Italian gem of a restaurant in Sunnyvale, with generous portions and attentive service.”

Good Life Publications wrote: “Big-hearted and two-fisted, this robust restaurant likes to lavish its customers with generous portions and attentive service.
“Here is a place that turns out food Dean Martin would have loved. The marinara is perfection, and there’s invariably some seafood pasta dish that will hit the exact al dente mark with plenty of pizazz. The decor is classic Italian-American and so is the menu. A place to be casual and get involved with the food.”

As another reviewer wrote: “The menu is plentiful and not to mention excellent.” There is also an array of popular vegetarian and vegan options, plus an outstanding wine selection and a full bar, as well, to choose from.

Come and enjoy il postale Italian-American Bistro & Bar. When not able to attend, you may also wish to consider their very popular “Cater your next event” menu. This way you can bring il postale’s delicious, fun and friendly festivities to you. Buon appetito!

il postale Italian-American Bistro & Bar A Delicious Taste of Italy 100 S. Murphy Avenue Sunnyvale (408) 733-9600 ilpostale.com


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