Barenaked Ladies 2016 Last Summer on Earth Tour

Since their early days in the 1990s, BNL has been pretty much known for their hilarious humor and fun songs. Even though their founding member Steven Page is no longer with them, you would never know the difference.  Co-Founder and singer Ed Robertson is one heck of a front man.  BNL really knows how to have fun on stage as the Mountain Winery audience was amazed.

Even before BNL took the stage at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga this warm summer evening, the audience was rocking out to a couple of opening bands that could have filled the venue on their own.  Opening was 1980’s legends Howard Jones followed by the Orchestral Manoeuvers or as we’ve come to know them OMD.

Two words could only describe Howard Jones “high energy” … for 30 minutes, the very talented singer and songwriter was on stage singing while playing keyboard and had the crowd on their feet for most of the time. Jones sang with such enthusiasm as he went down his list of hit songs like “What is Love” “Things Can Only Get Better.”, All I Want and Life In One Day.

The crowd seemed to be a bit disappointed when he didn’t come out for an encore to perform one of his biggest hits – but not to worry, Jones came back out later and performed “No One Is To Blame” later in the evening with BNL.  If you know the song, then you know it’s one of those songs that stay with you for a long time as it speaks the truth of life.

Next up was group who took a few decades off … OMD as they performed all of their greatest hits during their set which included; Locomotion, So In Love, Secret, If You Leave and Dreaming.

The headliner for this evening, BNL came out for a good 90 minutes with over 20 songs plus their encore.

Some of the songs they did that night included:
Testing 1,2,3
It’s All Been Done
Hello City
Sound Of Your Voice
Pinch Me
Big Bang Theory Theme Song

BNL’s encore included; Allergies, I Wanna Be Sedated, Alcohol, Rock n Roll and Blister In The Sun.

If you’re a BNL fan, you were not let down this evening.  Personally, I was very pleased with BNL’s choice of supporting acts for their 2016 Last Summer on Earth Tour … Howard Jones and OMD.

Rich Borell
Founder & Publisher


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