Scott Orich, Global Real Estate Agent

SVL: How long have you been in the Real Estate business?
SO: I’ve been in real estate since 2004 beginning in Indiana then moving to California. I’m currently licensed and active in both states.

SVL: What geographic areas and types of properties do you handle?
SO: My niche is single family homes in the Almaden Valley area of San Jose.

SVL: Where do you see Silicon Valley homes prices in 2017?
SO: I feel that home prices will remain stable or have a slight increase in 2017. I base this on the strong availability of jobs and the scarcity of homes for sale.

SVL: Do you feel low inventory will remain with us during 2017?
SO: The past few years indicate that a lower inventory of homes may be the new normal.

SVL: Do you think people buying in Silicon Valley look at their home purchase more as an investment?
SO: They should be viewing their home as an investment. The Silicon Valley real estate market is unlike any other market in the US. In the long run, much like the stock market, there will be fluctuations in home values. But since the last recession when real estate bottomed out in 2012 the home values in the Silicon Valley have returned to the 2007 pre-recession level and increased roughly 27% to today’s level.

SVL: What do you like the most about living in the Bay Area?
SO: like the great weather, year-round farmer markets, mountains, ocean and beaches.

SVL: What are some of your favorite interests and hobbies that you enjoy?
SO: I run and bike using the San Jose Trail system. I like football – my favorite team is the Indianapolis Colts. I enjoy craft beer so I try to visit the local breweries.

SVL: What’s your favorite movie?
SO: The Sixth Sense.

SVL: What’s the best advice anyone’s ever give you?
SO: In life, it’s ‘be true to yourself’. In real estate, it’s ‘you can only control your actions’.

SVL: Whose’ your favorite TV or Movie star?
SO: Tom Hanks

Here's my story ...  I've been a real estate broker with nationally recognized RE/MAX Gold and RE/MAX Ability Plus since 2004. My real estate practice is truly global as I've served clients throughout the US and internationally from Australia, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Israel, Mexico and New Zealand. I'm a certified Global Marketing Agent which uniquely qualifies me to help my clients buy and sell properties throughout the world. My Certified Distressed Property Expert designation has helped me save many homeowners from losing their homes to foreclosure. I've been selected as a Five Star Realtor the past five years in a row. Typically, the Five Star Realtor award goes to the top 5% of realtors. 

In my free time, I run, cycle, ski, boat and climb. I’ve run six marathons including Chicago, Boston, New York City, Indianapolis and Maine. I’ve taken many cycling tours through Colorado and New Mexico, and have even cycled 200 miles in one day from Chicago to Indianapolis.

I'm an Ordained Minister (non-denominational) and officiate weddings throughout the Bay Area of California.

Global Real Estate Agent. Husband. Father. Runner. Biker. Minister. Animal & Craft Beer Lover. Gardener. Pretty Nice Guy.


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