Meet Andrew Arild, Broker Associate At Mainstream Real Estate Group, Inc.

SVL: How long have you been in the Real Estate business?
AA: I am in my 12th year. My life plan since I was young was to have 3 careers, this is the 2nd one. I left a career in the semiconductor technology world in Silicon Valley to take up real estate. I made that move about 5 years later than I should have but my career was still on an upward trajectory.

SVL: What geographic areas and types of properties do you handle?
AA: I work throughout San Mateo, Santa Clara and Alameda Counties. I have deep experience in financially distressed properties, bankruptcy sales, IRS and FTB tax liens that came as a result of the post 2008 housing and financial crisis. I also manage a large number of trust sales for trust and estate attorneys, have been an expert witness in divorce sales when an objective 3rd party is required to disposition real property. Another consistent channel is finding physically distressed property for contractors and developers that purchase, rehabilitate and then resell the property. Finally, I work with all types of sellers regardless of asset class (1 bedroom condominiums to single family homes to multi-unit residential) and buyers (first time, low down payment to all cash multimillion dollar homes). My business can best be described as “I go where my expertise and ability can best help anyone regardless of circumstances”.

SVL: What specific marketing systems and approaches will you use to sell a home?
AA: Marketing a home for sale has changed dramatically in the last 5 or more years. It is no longer enough to put a property on the MLS. Syndication has turned the MLS into the gateway to the internet that now populates hundreds of 3rd party websites. Social media is now becoming a regular channel for marketing and I utilize the predominant channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. via personal and business methods. I also use traditional methods like door knocking with open house invitations to neighbors of a new listing.

SVL: Where do you see Silicon Valley homes prices heading this year?
AA: Ahhh, the crystal ball question. The answer (and the only honest one I think an agent can provide) is… “It depends”. There are tremendously incalculable, new variables in the equation to predict housing. However, unless something happens to change the current market conditions, I see inventory remaining restricted and demand remaining stable. Buyer behavior is beginning to shift in terms of willingness to continue to push prices higher in order to win in multiple offer competitive environments. I think 2017 will remain a year of increasing values however at a lower rate than in the prior two to three years. I expect single digit appreciation in the 4-7% range. This will keep the market tight for buyers and sellers may resist bringing their home to market unless there is a life change that makes it necessary. Sellers are experiencing increased equity year over year and with no indicators of a shift in inventory profile, they are likely to continue to sit tight and capture that benefit.

SVL: What has been your most satisfying moment while in the Real Estate business?
AA: It’s actually a period of time. From the post housing crash until the recovery (2008 -2011) my focus was dedicated to assisting financially distressed homeowners that experienced job loss and significant decrease in home values, putting their value to mortgage ratio underwater. I built a team of attorneys, escrow officers and administrators and we devoted ourselves to managing short sales, foreclosure avoidance, bankruptcy when necessary, and tried to put devastated people back on track towards a normal life. I have sold homes to many of those past clients after their credit and income recovery and seeing them return to a happy life was ultimately rewarding. It was the hardest work I have ever done.

SVL: If you could talk to one person from history, who would it be and why?
AA: Winston Churchill. This is a man who faced the potential destruction of his homeland and citizens, stayed the course under adversity that is immeasurable and with delicate skill helped coordinate a victory in the greatest conflict the world has ever seen. When I am dealing with difficult situations, I regularly consider his words… “never give up”.

SVL: What do you like the most about living in the Bay Area?
AA: The geography. Hands down, California is the most incredible state in the nation.

SVL: What are some of your favorite interests and hobbies that you enjoy?
AA: Personal development and helping others. I try not to take myself too seriously but fail at that sometimes. My primary interest is writing. Fiction. I have written a number of short stories and developed a character for a sequence of novels. I have considered writing screen plays and television series. I play golf, like to shoot recreationally (target & skeet/trap). Getting out on a bike often helps clear the head space up. Playing poker and craps seriously (I’m a numbers guy remember?) My deepest interest is in planning a retirement in the Caribbean. I am actively pursuing property interests. The dream is to have a private villa facing the ocean and be able to write as much as I want.

SVL: When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up?
AA: So, I actually developed my life plan close to that age, a bit closer to 11 actually. I decided I wanted to have 3 careers. The first two would be dedicated to creating wealth through income and investment so that the 3rd could be a purely philanthropic as possible. If the 3rd also produced revenue to pay for its operations that would be good. I am a patriotic person and given my natural affinity towards math and science, I seriously considered becoming a Naval Aviator but was drawn into the early days of the semiconductor boom. That started my journey on my life’s plan.

SVL: If they made a movie of your life, who’d play you and why?
Bill Murray. I’m a lifelong fan and have found some commonalities with roles I have seen him play and my life. I have met him a couple of times at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am PGA event.

Andrew Arild | Broker Associate
Mainstream Real Estate Group, Inc.
1901 S. Bascom Ave., Suite 110
Campbell, CA 95008


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