Space Shuttle Endeavour

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Thought I would share with you our recent adventure in the Los Angeles area.  For some time, it’s been on our to-do-list to visit the California Science Center’s Samuel Oschin Pavilion to view the Space Shuttle Endeavour.  After seeing Astronaut Scott Kelly speak recently, we made plans to take the trip.

I suggest if you’re planning a visit to SoCal, put the Endeavour on your itinerary.  It’s located in the California Science Center the larger Exposition Park.  To see the Endavour, you must make reservations … although it’s free, online reservations have a service fee of just $2 per-person … parking will set you back $12.

The huge shuttle sits idle in a large building especially built for it. The shuttle is raised enough to enable visitors to walk around and under to check it out up close.  As you walk around the room, there are many displays like the fuel tank and tires with plenty of info you can read up on.  There were many shuttle missions that have taken place, you can catch up on the history of all their missions as well.

The shuttle flew 25 missions from May 1992 to May 2011 … the journey to transport it from LAX to the California Science Center took some 68 hours.  A must see is the video on the big screen of the 68-hour journey along with all the earthquake precaution’s they needed to have in place.

The museum is currently raising funds to build another building for the space shuttle.  Their goal is to position the shuttle upright with a ladder construction so you can view the shuttle from above.

Perhaps you may have seen the shuttle on TV or maybe even had the opportunity to see it fly over your house on its way to its final resting home … I encourage you to stop by and see it up close, it’s truly one of our greatest achievements in space history.  A must see!

Rich Borell
Founder & Publisher


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