Minneapolis / St. Paul Airport

Order, Eat & Go!

I recently returned from a business trip … while at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport I thought I’d grab a bite to eat since I had a few hours.  After making my way to the restaurants in Concourse G I noticed that you can order food and drink from tablets.  How cool is that?  Every seat and every bar space you can check the news online, check your email, play games, get flight updates and you can also place your food and drink order on tablets, which work with the adjacent credit card swipers so customers can order, eat, pay and go.

From what I’ve read, for now this might just be sponsored in the G Concourse by Delta Airlines.  They rolled these tablets out back in 2012.  Since then LaGuardia and Toronto airports have added them.

I will leave you with this … isn’t Silicon Valley where most of this technology is born?  Where are the tablets at SJC restaurants?

Rich Borell
Founder & Publisher


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