Meet Ray Martinez, Broker Skyrise Real Estate Group, Silicon Valley

Q: How long have you been in the Real Estate business?
RM: I’ve been in the Real Estate Industry for 24 years. I absolutely love what I do, and my clients can see the passion I have for the industry.

Q: What geographic areas and types of properties do you handle?
RM: I was born in San Francisco, and raised in the South Bay. Being born and raised in the Bay Area has given me a huge advantage along with a vast knowledge of the area. We cover the entire San Francisco Bay Area, including Silicon Valley & East Bay Residential Real Estate.

Q: What designations or certifications do you hold?
RM: I am the CEO of Skyrise Real Estate Group, and I am also the Broker.

Q: What specific marketing systems and approaches will you use to sell a home?
RM: Social Media has played a HUGE role in our marketing campaign. We utilize Social Media to the fullest allowing us to maximize the exposure of each of our listings. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, & Snapchat are just a few of the vital tools which have become necessary in our business. In order to reach the millennial buyers, it is imperative for you to capture their attention. Twenty years ago, we didn’t have these tools at our disposal. The internet has completely revolutionized the Real Estate Industry.

Q: If you had to make one prediction about what the Silicon Valley Real Estate market will be like in 2020 ... what would it be?
RM: I believe that the Silicon Valley Real Estate Market will be stronger than ever. There has been so much growth we have seen in the Silicon Valley over the years, with no signs of stopping. Google has planned an aggressive expansion with their new corporate village adjacent to San Jose’s downtown Diridon Station … Apple has also secured expansion with the purchase of land in North San Jose. I think it’s safe to say, that Silicon Valley will continue to flourish, bringing new jobs, and new cutting-edge technology. I also believe that there will be more technological advances in the world of Real Estate. Tools making it easier to market listings, and service clients. I am excited to see what the future holds for 2020.

Five Things About Ray Martinez

1. If you could have lunch with someone famous who would it be and why?
Living in Silicon Valley I am a huge fan of Apple. If he was still here with us I would love to have lunch with Steve Jobs. I would love the opportunity to pick his brain. He was a brilliant innovator who has changed the face of this planet with his technology, and someone who could never be replaced.

2. What do you like the most about living in the Bay Area?
Living in the Bay Area life is so fast-paced. You never really know who you’re going to meet, or what type of situations you will come across. For me, being born and raised in the area I can’t really imagine living anywhere else. You want culture drive to San Francisco, you want wine drive to Napa, you need to relax drive to Capitola. There is so much diversity here, anything you want, and anything you need is all at your fingertips.

3. What do you do in your spare time?
As I’ve gotten older I have realized time is the most valued asset any of us really have. I am a family man, and when I am not spending my time with clients I am certainly spending time with my family. I have a gorgeous wife, and two beautiful children, a 6-year-old son & an 8-month-old daughter. I enjoy every minute I have with them.

4. What is one thing you would change in Silicon Valley?
With growth, comes change. One major change I have seen evolve throughout the years is the number of cars on the roads and freeways. What used to take 20-30 minutes can now take up to 1.5-2 hours in travel time. I believe we need more options and better transportation methods. As expansion continues, the roads will only get worse.

5. Where is your favorite vacation spot?
Hands down, Kauai continues to be my favorite vacation spot. It is so relaxing and a complete change of pace from the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley. Breathtaking scenery, tons of outdoor activities, and plenty of sunshine. It’s paradise.
1999 South Bascom Ave.
Suite 700
Campbell, CA 95008


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