Welcome to Silicon Valley Talk!

Hello Everyone,

We finally did it … we’ve converted Silicon Valley Local Magazine to Silicon Valley Talk. We’re going to have a lot of interviews and commentary coming your way … I’ll also be sharing my personal experiences on some of the following topics in the near future.

How much do you really need to retire? I say a couple should have a minimum of $5 Million by age 55 … I’ll share with you how to get there. Are you fortunate enough to work (or have a spouse) at a company that offers ISO’s and RSU’s? Are you with a company planning on going public? I’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of joining a company in the early and late phases of its IPO offering.  

More travel:
We have an upcoming trip with friends to Israel & Jordan … is it safe to travel there? We’ll take a closer look.

More in-depth views on Artificial Intelligence and the Robot Economy:
There’s announcements coming for major job layoffs … Citibank announced recently 20,000 layoffs coming due to automation … that’s nothing compared to what we’re going to see. How can you prepare yourself? Are you hearing AI will add jobs? I agree it will, mainly due to a company having to maintain and continue its daily operation. Once AI is completed and implemented, will they need to carry a large payroll? We’ll take a closer look at the hard facts.

We’re also adding to our “Women Magazine Network” … our latest to join the network, say hello to Bay Area Women Magazine https://bayareawomenmag.com/ our story is to “Inspire, Support and Empower Women in Local Communities”.

Stay tuned … more on the way!

Rich Borell
Founder & Publisher


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